If studying harder is your only plan, you’ll not be able to optimize the way you learn.

You need to be strategic!

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This site serves as our on-line community for learners interested in knowing more about the science of learning and translating those findings into better learning practices for themselves.

It accompanies our National University of Singapore, (NUS) ALS 1010 Learning to Learn Better Course, but all learners everywhere, of any age are invited to join.


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Nutrition and Cognitive Function

Have you been in a situation where you weren’t able to concentrate because you were hungry? Maybe there was a week when you didn’t eat properly due

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What Comes Next? Harnessing the Power of Prediction for More Effective Learning

At the time of writing, 1 Singapore Dollar (SGD) could be traded in the foreign exchange market for 3.05 Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) (rounded of to 2 decimal places).[1] That is, “1 SGD = 3.05 MYR”. Suppose

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Can Changing Your Font Help You Study Better ?

Does reading a book that is faded, printed using a harder-to-read font actually help you learn better? That doesn’t make sense. 

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Strategic Learning: A Holistic Approach to Studying

“There is no one magic pill that will help everyone dramatically improve their learning. There is so many influences on learning, you must have a holistic approach to figure out for yourself how to best learn better. “ — Robert Kamei


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Health and Wellness

This is the perfect forum for anything related to Health and Wellness.
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Learning Strategies

Let’s discuss on how you’ve tried to implement some of your learning strategies!
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Self Regulation

Discuss how you have managed to apply the Self Regulation concepts here!

Learn Smarter, Not Harder

This site is our on-line community of learners interested in understanding more about the science of learning and translating those findings into better learning practices. It accompanies our National University of Singapore, (NUS) Learning to Learn Better Course, but all learners, of any age are invited to join



Motivation for Studies

How to Stay Motivated to Study?


Goal Setting

Setting Goals for Effective Learning

Self Regulation

Self Regulation for Optimal Learning

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