Day at the Zoo
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Approximately 80-90% recognize that there are 5 (+/-1) animals added in the second video. To be able to do this, it means that most people have nearly all (15) animals in their heads after only a few seconds. But when asked to write down all of the animals they can remember, students usually can only recall about half of the the 15 animals on the first video. WHY?
Our minds are well developed to remember images almost instantaneously. However, most people cannot recall everything in their memories. Our ability to recognize is not the same as our ability to recall memories. We believe that everything we can recognize, we can recall. But this is not true. You have probably said before: “I thought I knew that, but couldn’t remember it.” Or “it was at the tip of my tongue, but I couldn’t remember that word.” These are examples of when we experience the difference between recognition and recall. Strategic learning involves understanding the difference when it comes to studying. Learn what it takes to recall and not just be able to recognize the right answer.