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    GUATEMALA CITY – A Guatemalan court decided on Thursday to take to trial a case against a well-known Guatemalan journalist who was arrested four months ago on charges of money laundering, influence peddling and blackmail. The testimony in the US capital will mark a throwback to the heady period before FTX’s sudden implosion last month, when the mop-haired computer whiz was feted in Washington as a respectable face for cryptocurrency who doled out tens of millions of dollars in political donations.

    Labor unions kicked in more than $11.5 million, while a wide variety of business people donated from sectors including health care, tech, insurance, law firms, real estate development and transportation. If you liked this article and you simply would like to receive more info pertaining to best casinos i implore you to visit our web site. Senate Banking Committee chair Sherrod Brown, Senate Finance chair Ron Wyden and Representative Donald Payne who chairs a railroad subcommittee also signed the letter that noted that then President Barack Obama signed a 2015 executive order establishing paid sick leave for federal contractors.

    Thailand celebrated the arrival of its 10 millionth international visitor of 2022 on Saturday, according to the tourism authority, as the kingdom consolidated the recovery of its Covid-battered travel sector.

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