Day At The Zoo

5 minutes of activity over 20 minutes time

Day At The Zoo

This activity will only take 5 minutes of your active time, but it will require your setting aside at least 20 minutes to complete. You’ll have time to do something else in the middle of the activity.

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We will show you a video that contains the several animals, try to be familiar with as much as you can and try to remember them

Don't take notes, try to use only your memory!

After you have finished the video, click on the button below to proceed to the next step.

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Break for 15: 00 mins

3/7 Steps


Got a paper?

Now, on a piece of paper, write down all of the animals you saw in the first video. (the sequence or spelling does not matter). After you are done, put this paper aside so you cannot see it any longer. Once ready, click next to watch a second video.

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We will now show you a second video that contains the same animals you saw in the first, but we have added a few new animals.

Now, watch the following video and try to count the number of new animals added in this video.

After you have done, please click on the next step button below.

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How many new animals did you spot?

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Number of animals you remember correctly?

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Our student's experiences:

Approximately 80-90% recognize that there are 5 (+/-) animals added in the second video

To be able to do this, most have nearly all (15) animals in their heads after only a few seconds.

But you typically can write down about half of the 15 animals on the first video, WHY?

Recall: Number of animals remembered in the first video